Dim Cave

Aspect of the center of Dim Cave's left branch. The number of caves which have been discovered and studied mainly by MTA (Mineral Research and Exploration Directorate) is approximately over 3000 in Turkey. This figure reveals the importance and dimensions of cave tourism in our Country. Despite the fact cave tourism is widely known in the world, there are very few examples of caves opened to tourism in Turkey.

MAĞTUR Mağara Turizmi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (MAĞTUR Cave Tourism and Trade Society Anonim) was founded in 1993 by 7 partners, the majority of whom are experienced earth scientists. It would not be wrong to say that our venture had started with the love of nature and this love urged us to discover new caves to be appreciated by the enthusiasts.

While opening one or more caves to tourism one of the vitalobjective we had to bear in mind has been and will be the worry of developing resolutions to secure their natural formations with the motive of transmitting these legendary sites to next generations with utmost care, in other words without the slightest damage inflicting their natural formations.

MAĞTUR S.A. has become a member of ISCA (International Show Caves Association), with the above mentioned purposes. Following an intinsive construction period of one year, the Company has made the debut by the end of 1998.

We are pleased to welcome you in our site, where you can discover one of the examples of mystical formations in the world. Dim Cave site, is a part of this natural wonder which had been formed by movements of water for millions of years had been a scene to history and a home to mankind. During our day 360 metres long cave has been carefully protected and allocated to public visit.

The constant 18 -19 ºC coolness makes you feel that you are living in a different world. After the cave visit, you can enjoy the sight of Mediterranean, Alanya Castle, Alanya Town, and pine woodland in the vicinity while you can eat and drink in the Dim Café & Restaurant.